Certified Small Drinking Water System Operator

PWBS provides complete service, installation and management of small drinking water systems as defined by Regulation 170/03, Regulation 319/08 and Regulation 243/07.


Since 1986, PWBS has been providing water treatment solutions to much of Southern Ontario. With over 35 years of experience PWBS has become a leader in maintaining small drinking water systems, strengthening its proficiency, expertise and knowledge. 

Our extensive experience and dedicated staff will leave you with a peace of mind when it comes to your small drinking water system. 

Operator Services

Our operator service is broken down into 4 areas as shown below. Select which responsibilities you would like PWBS to take charge of at your facility. By becoming your operator, we will take full responsibility of managing your small drinking water system, with emergency repair/response available 24/7.


PWBS is designated as the Licensed Operator and will take full responsibility of your small drinking water system.

Services Include:

  • Water Sampling
  • Monitor Required Residuals
  • Routine and Emergency Maintenance
  • Communication with the Ministry of the Environment and Public Health
  • Complete all paperwork required by Authorities



As your operator PWBS will make scheduled visits to collect water samples as required by your site designation. We complete all necessary paperwork and deliver samples to an accredited laboratory.

Services Include:

  • Sampling for a Micro Bacteria, Nitrate/Nitrites, Lead, THM's, HAA's, Schedule 23/24, Sodium, Fluoride and other parameters under regulation 170/03, 319/08 and 243/07.
  • Sample Pick-Up & Delivery to an accredited laboratory.
  • Sample Drop-Off – For your convenience you may drop your samples at our office to be delivered to an accredited laboratory.


We provide tailored services to meet all of your requirements for day-to-day operations.

Services Include:

  • Routine Maintenance 
  • Emergency Services
  • Filter Changes
  • Chemicals 
  • Repairs
  • Parts Ordering                                                                                                                                  


Installations on drinking water systems are very specific and should always be done by a licensed contractor. Correct methodology and material specifications are key to the proper operation of a small drinking water system.

Services Include:

  • Site Inspections
  • System Designs and Installations
  • Sampling and Evaluation for Water Quality 
  • Commissioning 
  • Well Drilling 
  • Engineers Evaluation (EER)
  • Routine Maintenance of Installed Systems