Upgrading a Drinking Water System


An owner of a 6-unit apartment building contacted PWBS as they were required to upgrade their drinking water system to meet the requirements of Ontario Regulation 170/03.

Upon arrival, we found that the previous owner had hired a non-licensed contractor to install a disinfection system at a significant cost. Unfortunately, the installed equipment did not meet the NSF certification requirements outlined in the regulation. Additionally, there was surplus equipment which was not needed to treat the water. This was most likely due to not preforming the proper water testing before purchasing the equipment. 

PWBS registered the water system and preformed the water analysis that was needed to ensure the proper equipment was secured. After installation by our team, the water is now being treated correctly and providing drinking water free of harmful dissolved minerals. At this point, an engineer was able to perform an evaluation of the system. 

This system now provides water, which is not only safe for consumption, but free of damaging minerals which would add higher maintenance not only to the UV but the rest of the fixtures in the building as well. PWBS now provides full operating services for the client, allowing them to have reliable, trusted service, as well as taking the stress off the client of having to obtain and maintain a licence to operate the system.       



  1. Step 1

    Registered the System

    Registered the system, posted signs and provided alternative drinking water until a new system was installed.
  2. Step 2

    Analysed the Condition of the Well

    Analysed the condition and the type of well to determine treatment options and best method of disinfection specific to the system.
  3. Step 3


    Reviewed data with an experienced engineer for review prior to purchasing equipment. Purchased and installed proper equipment.