About Us

Welcome to Paules Wetside Boiler Services Ltd. (PWBS), a dedicated family-operated business established in October 1986. Initially specializing in boiler water treatment, our years of experience have paved the way for us to expand into installing and maintaining water disinfection systems.

Our Expertise:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Assisting clients with Ministry of the Environment regulations, including all government paperwork.
  • Water Testing: Conducting various water quality tests for micro bacteria, nitrates/nitrites, and other regulated parameters.
  • System Installation & Maintenance: Providing full installation, operation, and maintenance of small drinking water systems. This includes filter changes, chlorination and UV repairs, and system disinfection and flushing.
  • Additional Services: Installation of water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, demineralization equipment, nitrite reduction equipment, and specialized salt deliveries.
  • Full Mechanical Services: Offering complete service and sales of all water system components.

Our Reach: Serving a broad area, our boundaries currently include most of Southern Ontario. Our diverse clientele includes, school boards, group homes, campgrounds, daycares, food establishments, etc. 

Commitment to Excellence: At PWBS, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and expand our skills to meet the evolving needs of our customers. With decades of experience and a commitment to quality and service, we are your trusted partner in water treatment and disinfection​