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We provide service to Southern Ontario. With a variety of clients spanning from School Boards, Group Homes, Campgrounds, Daycares, Restaurants, etc. 

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"I was told to talk to PWBS to install my water system, because they had such a good reputation. I am so glad I did. PWBS did a great job of installation, but better yet, of my ongoing upkeep and testing. I couldn't be happier that PWBS has my back for my water supply needs."
Betty Johnston
February 8, 2024
Why is it Important to Have Water Sustainability?
Water sustainability is the maintenance of the water supply that can keep going for future generations; to meet all the needs, from agricultural to industrial. Water is the biggest natural resource used and is irreplaceable. Climate change greatly affects the accessibility to fresh drinking water. There has been more droughts, floods and storms which makes water systems unreliable and a threat to water shortages.
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