At PWBS we offer a number of different services to suit your needs. The following is a summary of the most common requests. Keep in mind that PWBS will work with you to tailor a service that is right for you.

  • Overall “Operator” – PWBS is designated as the “Licenced Operator” of your site and takes responsibility of your water system. We will conduct water sampling, monitor required residuals, perform maintenance and handle all communications with the Ministry of the Environment and the Medical Officer of Health. We will also complete all paperwork required by Authorities.
  • “Operator” with “Supervised or Trained Person” – PWBS is designated as the operator of the water system but will work with an onsite “supervised” or “trained” person. This option allows the owner to work with us in operating their site without having to maintain an Operator’s Licence.
  • Water Sampling – PWBS will make scheduled visits to collect water samples as required by your site designation. We will complete all necessary paperwork and deliver the sample to an accredited laboratory.
  • Sample Pick-up – Your site will be scheduled into our regular sampling runs. We will let you know approximately what time we will be arriving to pick up the water samples you have collected and we will deliver them to an accredited laboratory. In this case you will fill out all the required documentation.
  • Sample Drop-off – For your convenience you may drop your samples at our office to be delivered to an accredited laboratory. The samples are kept refrigerated from the time you drop them off until we deliver them. Please make sure you contact PWBS before dropping off at either location as we do don’t make daily trips to the lab